Network & Systems Analysis

shutterstock_151023425Do you have poor internet performance?  Ever suffer through service interruptions during the work-day?  Do your shared applications mysteriously slow down just when you need them most?  Let planIT perform an analysis of your Technology infrastructure and get you back up to speed.  Our knowledgeable staff will analyze your Technology environment, from cabling and network function to application health and firewall policies.  We will get to the bottom of your performance bottlenecks, and help you plot a path to worry-free operations.

Our Optimization services provide three primary benefits:

Cost Reduction – No more failed upgrades or valuable staff time wasted, waiting for your systems to catch up with your needs.  We will help establish a performance baseline for your existing systems, allowing you to effectively understand your Technology strengths and weaknesses.

Performance Improvement and Planning - Proactive maintenance and modern tools that provide better insight into systems and operational health are keys to a successful network.  Our analysis will provide strategic direction towards platform optimization, performance monitoring, and capacity planning.

Risk Mitigation (Security) - As your Technology landscape becomes more complicated, care must be taken to ensure that unintended consequences do not impact operational efficiencies, create security risks, or impact your core business applications.  Good documentation and a thorough understanding of your infrastructure will put you back in control.

We think your Technology should work, every time, day after day.  Let us help you get the most out of your existing Technology investments.  Using industry-leading monitoring and analysis tools, we will conduct a comprehensive Technology Audit and give you a clear summary of where you’re at today, along with an Optimization Plan that will prepare you for the future.